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One of a Kind Technology

Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science in This Award-Winning Technological Breakthrough.

Throughout time, societies have practiced consciousness modulation to achieve optimal states of being. Historically, these altered states depended on ingesting or smoking substances or synthetic pharmaceuticals. Until now.

Throughout time, societies have practiced consciousness modulation to achieve optimal states of being. Historically, these altered states depended on ingesting or smoking substances or synthetic pharmaceuticals. Until now.

MindScape merges 21st-century bio-isolate technology with the digital age, enabling smartphone and VR-controlled administration of plant terpenes or “Digital Cannabis” via natural plant cannabinoids and essences. Released as a cold-nebulized airstream, this BioMedia produces targeted HeadSpace effects without smoke and vaping clouds. This makes the MindScape technology an aromatherapy diffuser and not a government regulated smoking device.

MindScape Medical Director Dr. Brian Nichol, an anesthesiologist by training, saw the damages of substance abuse with his patients and endeavored to find plant-based, natural solutions for pain and stress management. On a parallel path, medical inventor and biohacker, Michael D. Kaczkowski, was on a mission to create therapeutic bio-media systems to bring biological balance to our tech-compressed environments. Together, they combined their research to develop the MindScape system. One hundred percent natural, MindScape is a drug- free alternative to stress management and executive performance, helping hundreds of individuals enhance their creativity, athleticism, executive function and sense of emotional and mental wellbeing while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity in an Emerging High-Growth Industry.

The demand for natural and non-invasive alternative therapies is exploding, driving the $5.3 billion global wellness industry. With a CAGR of 7.4%, this high growth industry presents abundant possibilities for wellness entrepreneurs. Featuring one-of-a-kind technology and a formidable management team with decades of combined industry experience, MindScape presents a franchise opportunity unlike any other:

Strong ROI

With high growth potential and unrivaled proprietary technology in a rapidly expanding industry, MindScape offers a fast potential ROI for a motivated owner/operator.

Easy-to-Use Technology

With over two hundred MindScape therapies to choose from, specific combinations and doses are controlled by easy-to-use software, which was created from the treatments of thousands of patients.

Fully Legal Celebration 420 Systems

Regardless of regional laws, a MindScape Celebration System can be tailored to fit into any business. This technology provides physical and mental cannabinoid effects without any environmental smoke or vape clouds, thus making them legal for use in public venues.

Franchise Model Flexibility

One of the key advantages of the MindScape model is its flexibility, allowing for stand-alone MindScape centers as well as integration into existing clinics and medical spas, cannabis suppliers and clubs, and large companies that offer wellness services within their offices.

Unrivaled Brand Positioning

The unique MindScape technology coupled with a distinct brand identity means the brand is well-positioned to take advantage of the current opportunity gap in the expanding wellness industry.

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Be Part of the Consciousness Revolution with a
MindScape Technologies Franchise!


High Growth Potential and Reasonable Startup Costs for a Fast ROI.

Franchise Fee


Minimum Initial Investment


(Including Franchise Fee & Training )

Royalty Fee


of Gross Revenues

Required Local Marketing Spend 


of Gross Sales

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MindScape Franchise Partners.

The number one quality we will look for in potential franchisees is comfort in delivering the same high quality services on which MindScape has built its reputation. The wellness industry resides on a foundation of trust between patient and provider, making the client/patient’s health and safety the foremost priority. Our ideal candidate will have some experience in the wellness industry or an affinity for helping people. For passive investors, franchisor-approved management staff will be required to undergo training to operate the franchise according to MindScape’s high standards.

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We’ll Elevate
Your Opportunity for Success.

Just as the MindScape Technologies system opens doors to higher states of consciousness, we will lift up our franchise partners. The MindScape management team has spent decades in the health and wellness industry, and franchisees will benefit from our combined knowledge and experience. Through comprehensive training and support, we aim to provide every possible tool for operational success. 



If you have questions, we have answers. Our initial training program will provide all the knowledge needed to launch a profitable MindScape franchise.



The MindScape management team will provide ongoing support in many areas, including administrative procedures, pricing guidelines, and customer-service techniques.



We will coordinate the development of local marketing plans, advertising materials, and digital SEO/SEM strategies to help franchisees leverage our distinct brand identity. 



 We will share our continued technological research to enhance franchise operations and unit-level profitability.


The Franchise Process

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Fill Out the Form

Complete our form on our website and we will reach out to provide you with more information.

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Kick Off: The MindScape Team
Wants to Meet You!

We will schedule an in-person or remote meeting to review your application and discuss details as we begin our partnership.

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Discovery Day

Our franchise development representative will schedule a visit to our corporate location. Here, we will review detailed information on our business model, support, and marketing tools available.

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Foundational Knowledge:
MindScape FDD Review

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Our leadership team will train you and your team in preparation for establishing your own MindScape franchise. We will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. You will have 14 days to review the document.


Apply For Financing

After the FDD review, this is the time to apply for financing if needed!

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